Galway Photo Walks

Next group walks: Spring and Summer 2018

Contact us to express your interest! Ticket price 39 Euro per student.

Since 2009, Nicholas Grundy has successfully mentored Galway photo walks students towards producing wonderful images. His students utilise €2,000 DSLRs, film rangefinders, point and shoots, and mobile phones. He can even teach you how to take a photo using an egg! (Yes, you can take a photo with an egg. Ask him and he will show you how someday!)

Nicholas Grundy is a self-taught photographer who started the lifelong learning process in 2006 when he first set off to explore the world with an old compact camera. His first exhibition and award both occurred in 2008. Since then he’s received numerous commendations and his work has been exhibited in galleries in Europe and Australia. His photographs also appear on the cover of Tasmania 40 South Magazine and inside such publications as Time Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, International Traveller, and Australian Traveller Magazine. Nicholas’ fine art prints appear in the collections of the University of Melbourne and in various private homes and institutions across Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Many of the photographs found in his portfolio were created with point and shoot cameras, proving that you don’t need an expensive camera to create striking images. See if you can determine which photos were taken on a point and shoot instead of a DSLR – most people cannot!

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Nicholas Grundy Photography

Nicholas Grundy Photography